Re: Implementation questions

Eric Rosenquist (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 16:32:16 -0400

On 16 Oct 95 at 11:18, John L. Villalovos wrote:

> 2) If we did do the server based solution is their an RFC or
> documentation on the Transport Protocol that is being used by the
> LDAP client software I downloaded from terminator? Maybe an LDAPTP
> spec?

The client-server protocol and formatting are "LDAP" - the UMich library
just happens to be the most popular implementation of the client libraries
and server. The protocol and the formatting are well defined in the
various LDAP RFCs.

> 3) Any thoughts or comments would definitely be appreciated.
> Also any pointers to more information or FAQ.

Check out the UMich LDAP Web page. It has pointers to all of the relevant
docs etc:

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