Re: ldap attributes

Tim Howes (
Mon, 11 Dec 1995 10:07:34 -0500

> From: Michael Gsandtner <>
> To: (LDAP )

> I think, there was a list (RFC ?) of ldap names to be used in ldap clients.
> (e.g. have I to use "sn" or "surname" (DIGITALs InfoBroker ldap server) in
> ldap_get_values ?)
> Where is this list ?

Unfortunately, the list is part of the X.500 standard, some of it is part
of RFC 1274, some of it is scattered around other places. Our implementation
has the limitation that you just have to "know" what to use (or try both).
I happen to know that in digital's product you need to use the longer form
of the names. -- Tim