NOT RFC1777 compliant

Michael Gsandtner (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 18:21:07 +0100 (MET)

We just switched from UMICHs ldapd to DIGITALs Infobroker ldap server.
It had the effect, that our web500gw returned some strange results. The reason:
Most of the ldap servers around are not strictly RFC1777 compliant
(including ours, UMICHs implementation using the schema files of free QUIPU).
The AttributeTypes returned should be (from RFC1777):

'An AttributeType value takes on as its value the textual string
associated with that AttributeType in the X.500 Directory standards.
For example, the AttributeType 'organizationName' with object
identifier is represented as an AttributeType in this
protocol by the string "organizationName".'

But the "QUIPU ldap servers" return "o" (similar sn, cn, ...).
DIGITALs Infobroker returns the correct RFC1777 string "organizationName".
web500gw expects the uncompliant short names ("sn"), thus works correct
with QUIPU schema, and strange with RFC1777 Infobroker.

I modified web500gw to expect both short and long names ("sn" and "surname").
But I would prefer, that I can use both names in search filters, and in results
only the "X.500 Directory standards" formal name.