Re: does a whois-to-ldap gateway exist?

Mark Smith (
Thu, 15 Feb 1996 10:33:28 -0500

>From: Jeff Hodges <hodges@Breakaway.Stanford.EDU>
> To:
> So, what's the currently list of LDAP clients? Simeon, an email client, is on
> example. There's the various tools that UMich distributes as a part of its
> various ldap-related releases. What else? Has anyone talked with Steve Dorner
> about having Eudora be an ldap client for instance? What about the imap & pin
> developers at UWash? Other opportunities/possibilities?

A partial list of LDAP clients is available on the WWW here:

please send additions and corrections to

We have had some conversation with people at Qualcomm r.e. adding LDAP
support to Eudora. The outcome was much like with the Pine
developers: client developers in general are waiting for a "winner"
before committing to adding support for any of LDAP, Whois++, etc. I
encourage all LDAP devotees to ask your e-mail client vendor to support
LDAP now.