Re: does a whois-to-ldap gateway exist?

Jeff Hodges (hodges@Breakaway.Stanford.EDU)
Thu, 15 Feb 96 08:04:46 -0800

> > So, what's the currently list of LDAP clients?
> A partial list of LDAP clients is available on the WWW here:
> please send additions and corrections to
> We have had some conversation with people at Qualcomm r.e. adding LDAP
> support to Eudora. The outcome was much like with the Pine
> developers: client developers in general are waiting for a "winner"
> before committing to adding support for any of LDAP, Whois++, etc. I
> encourage all LDAP devotees to ask your e-mail client vendor to support
> LDAP now.
> -Mark

Have you guys looked into X/Open's (nee Sun's) Federated Naming stuff as a
solution for the client-side API issue? I pointed that out to the Pine guy and
he was innarested. He requested pointers to the XFN doc. I'm not sure it is
reasonable to expect the client market to "buy into" any particular directory
protocol given that there is a fragmented protocol market and no clear winner
and no clear expectations there will be one. Technology is gonna keep advancing
and it is all going to keep changing. Witness the "experimental" enhancements
in slapd itself. So it would seem client dvlprs would appreciate an insulation
layer such as XFN. This is much the same a GSSAPI in approach it would seem.