Re: LDAPResult structure

Grimmer, Francine (
Fri, 16 Feb 96 09:16:00 PST

My interpretation of how an asynchronous call to ldap_result is that the
returned value from ldap_result indicates that the ldap_result call itself
was good or bad. Then to actually get the status of the result buffer you
need to call ldap_result2error and check the returned status. I notice this
particularly when getting the result of the ldap_bind call.

-Francine Grimmer
> From: Nils Andreas Thommesen
> To: ldap
> Subject: Re: LDAPResult structure
> Date: Friday, February 16, 1996 2:02PM
> Not all ldap-servers do things correctly:
> The ldap-server that is used with ISOCOR's X.500 DSA gave me this once:
> ldap_result returned LDAP_SUCCESS
> In LDAP structure:
> lp_errno = 0 (LDAP_SUCCESS)
> lp_error = "Bad search filter".
> That is in my opinion clearly a bug.
> Nils Andreas Thommesen