edb2ldif - making it

Daniel Ingber (INGBER@worldbank.org)
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 22:36:33 +0000 (GMT)

I can make the whole ldap3.2 distribution, except edb2ldif. It
seems that in order to make the edb2ldif tool under slapd, I need
to have the isode libraries, which is fine.

The problem is that when making it, it doesn't find a couple of
symbols (_parse_entry and _file_attr_directory) - and I'm one of
the lucky ones who still has to use the isode-8.0 distribution to
make these things (actually I make it against Nexor's libs and
isode-8.0 header files, and it works!).

I know isode-8.0 is old and obsolete, but the cost of joining the
Consortium is prohibitive for us. We use Nexor's product, and
compiling against its libraries results in the same undefined
symbols - and I don't expect them to help me either, since they
wouldn't help me with something even simpler before.

Am I dead in the water? I could use the edb2ldif binary for
either sunos4 or solaris, but would it require the library to be
present as well?

Any help would be appreciated,

Daniel Ingber