Re: edb2ldif - making it

Ben Groeneveld (
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 08:32:56 -0700

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> I can make the whole ldap3.2 distribution, except edb2ldif. It
> seems that in order to make the edb2ldif tool under slapd, I need
> to have the isode libraries, which is fine.
> The problem is that when making it, it doesn't find a couple of
> symbols (_parse_entry and _file_attr_directory) - and I'm one of
> the lucky ones who still has to use the isode-8.0 distribution to
> make these things (actually I make it against Nexor's libs and
> isode-8.0 header files, and it works!).
> I know isode-8.0 is old and obsolete, but the cost of joining the
> Consortium is prohibitive for us. We use Nexor's product, and
> compiling against its libraries results in the same undefined
> symbols - and I don't expect them to help me either, since they
> wouldn't help me with something even simpler before.
> Am I dead in the water? I could use the edb2ldif binary for
> either sunos4 or solaris, but would it require the library to be
> present as well?

Had the same problem. We simply changed the variables "parse_entry",
"file_attr_directory" from extern to local in
servers/slapd/tools/edb2ldif.c. Haven't seen any problems, but we also
don't use the edb2ldif, but instead prefer to load via ldap. This permits
us to easily put our data 'source' under CM. Otherwise, we've become slapd
converts. Hope this helps,

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