Re: edb2ldif - making it

Mark Smith (
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 09:46:49 -0500

>From: Daniel Ingber <>
> To:
> I can make the whole ldap3.2 distribution, except edb2ldif. It
> seems that in order to make the edb2ldif tool under slapd, I need
> to have the isode libraries, which is fine.
> The problem is that when making it, it doesn't find a couple of
> symbols (_parse_entry and _file_attr_directory) - and I'm one of
> the lucky ones who still has to use the isode-8.0 distribution to
> make these things (actually I make it against Nexor's libs and
> isode-8.0 header files, and it works!).

edb2ldif is a relatively new part of the LDAP distribution, and we
didn't have time to test it under ISODE-8.0 and all of the IC
releases. We have had a few complaints lately that it doesn't build
under certain ISODE releases.

It turns out that the undefined symbols you are encountering are due to
edb2ldif trying to use features that simply don't exist in some ISODE
libraries. This patch:

will update edb2ldif.c so that it will have a better chance of
compiling under older ISODE releases (it also adds a lot of extra
debugging messages that appear when you use the -d flag). You should
not need to apply this patch if you have IC release 2 or later. Please
let us ( know if this patch works for you.