Re: LDAP V3.3 on OSF/1, Solaris 2.4 with IC R2.2

Tim Howes (
Wed, 15 May 1996 11:10:30 -0700

Mark J Miller wrote:
> I have built the latest version of LDAP (v3.3) for both of these
> platforms but have been unsuccessful at getting it to query my X.500
> DSA. I am running the ISODE R2.2 DSA on both platforms, if I use the
> LDAP supplied with the ISODE distribution (V3.0) it works fine on
> Solaris but not on OSF/1.
> I have attached files to this message which contain the
> debugging telemetry from the ldap server for both the OSF/1
> and Solaris platforms. I am using ud to test the ldap server and
> ran ldapd at debug level 127. If this is a case of being
> incompatible with IC R2.2, I can work around it (assuming
> compatibility with IC R3) but I would like to for sure if this is
> the case.
> If anyone has some insight into this, I would appreciate it.

Unfortunately, I don't think I can provide much insight. There
was an incompatability problem with an earlier version of LDAP
and later IC releases. But this was fixed in ldap-3.3. It could
be that you are running into some 64bit word problem, in which
case my advice is to look hard at ber_* routines called by ldapd
which may be passing ints where they should be passing longs.
That's the sort of problem we've run into before when porting
to a 64 bit architecture. Hope that helps! -- Tim