Re: rfc 1778

Juan Antonio Botia Blaya (
Wed, 15 May 1996 05:43:34 +0100

Hi, what=B4s up?

Im the Quipu Manager in the Universidad de Murcia, in Spain. Im using now=20
the Quipu Release v3.0. with the DSA(88). Im using the ldap server release=
3.3b1. and i can=B4t get it working with the web-500 gateway release 2.0b. I=
can=B4t brownse along the Directory. In fact it works with the web-500=
release 1.4. Should that gateway-2.0b- work right with this ldap server=20

Note:the gateways are those of Frank Richter.

Thanks on advance.
Juan Bot=EDa Blaya=20
Becario de Investigaci=F3n
Sala Iris
Campus de Espinardo
Universidad de Murcia
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