question on filter with SLAPD

Roberto Pedriali (
Mon, 27 May 1996 20:16:42 +0200


I am playing with SLAPD, to see if is suitable to use it for a Mailer
Directory at our site.
I loaded the LDBM database with few data for each entry and started some
test with the two main client that we have: WDUA from Nasa and Simeon MUA
that has PC-Paged included as directory agent.

>From my test seems that SLAPD has missing the capability to refer an
attribute type with more than one name: example "commonName" and "cn".
My DB has all entry with the field common name labeled with "cn" only: so,
if I do a search with filter "commonName=*" I din't get anything. If I do
search with filter "cn=*" I got everything.
By the way , if I do a search for a person with the two client I have, one
(WDUA) is doing a search with filter "cn" and found the person, the other
(Simeon) is doing a search with filter "commonName" and got the answer not

I am sure I missing something, but I don'know were...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Roberto Pedriali

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