Re: question on filter with SLAPD

Mark Smith (
Tue, 28 May 1996 09:33:19 -0700

Roberto Pedriali wrote:
> I am playing with SLAPD, to see if is suitable to use it for a Mailer
> Directory at our site.
> I loaded the LDBM database with few data for each entry and started
> some test with the two main client that we have: WDUA from Nasa and
> Simeon MUA that has PC-Paged included as directory agent.
> From my test seems that SLAPD has missing the capability to refer an
> attribute type with more than one name: example "commonName" and "cn".
> ...

I believe it is that case that slapd only really uses the first
name listed on each "attribute" configuration file line. You might
consider this a bug, but I would argue that clients need to use only
one name and agree on what name to use. Even if slapd were to
understand both names in your search filters, it would be quite
difficult for slapd to know in general which attribute names to use
when returning search results.