Re: New LDAP convert; configuration pains
Wed, 29 May 1996 10:13:39 +0100 (BST)

>I need to provide local directory services, and have installed LDAP
>3.3 slapd. I have also installed the go500gw server and the web500gw
>server. Both seem to work nicely in connecting to true x.500 servers,
>but it looks as though they're not useful with slapd.

You would need to use gateways specifically designed to work with LDAP
- look in the LDAP source distribution for possibilities.

>I am trying to compile isode-8.0--which I found in an OBSCURE portion of the
>net--so as to be able to compile the ldapd server in addition to the
>slapd server for local directory serving and connection to the
>aforementioned DUA clients and--less importantly for immediate consideration--
>the rest of the x.500 world.

As you mentioned Solaris-2.5 I think ISODE-8.0 will be heavy going.
You need a more recent version, and you may well qualify for a free or
low-cost licence for the ISODE Consortium version. Contact for details.

>In short, I THINK what I'm trying to do is provide a means for what appear
>to be DAP protocol clients--go500gw and web500gw--to connect to the LDAP
>database served by slad.

That is very unlikely to work. The LDAP distribution provides a way
for LDAP clients to access DAP (full X.500) services. I dont think
anyone has written a gateway to go the other way.

For maximum flexibility I would reccommend running a real X.500
directory server and an LDAP access daemon.


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