Re: New LDAP convert; configuration pains

Mark Smith (
Wed, 29 May 1996 13:17:16 -0700

Jeffrey Weiss wrote:
> ...
> I need to provide local directory services, and have installed LDAP
> 3.3 slapd. I have also installed the go500gw server and the web500gw
> server. Both seem to work nicely in connecting to true x.500 servers,
> but it looks as though they're not useful with slapd.
> I am trying to compile isode-8.0....

My personal recommendation is to stay away from ISODE-8.0 and try to
obtain a newer copy of ISODE from the ISODE Consortium. However,
go500gw and web500gw should both work with slapd -- what kind of
problems are you encountering? Both of those gateways are native
LDAP clients and do not use X.500 DAP directly.