Re: usage of DCE GDS & ldap servers
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 14:50:56 -0700

I found the recent exchange on this subject on the ldap list

I'm about to start a pilot implementation, followed by
enterprise-level deployment, of LDAP and CDS services, to support
applications like employee locator, shared e-mail address book and DCE
(plus DFS) services.

I am curious about whether the following setup would yield the results
I conjecture:

- X.500 (either GDS [1988 X.500] or 1993 X.500) server at the logical
and physical root of our enterprise namespace

- DCE directory server(s) and tree(s) using the DCE GDA to
interoperate with the GDS server

- U-Mich or commercial LDAP server(s) capable of talking DAP/DSP to
the X.500 root server

- DCE directory servers and security registries populated with
extended attributes of interest, such as campus/building/room,
voice/fax phone number(s), public keys, etc.

The conjecture:

- I intend to find out whether an LDAP browser finds the DCE directory
service data visible

Anyone have any experience with this? If so, does it work? If not,
how did you solve the functional requirement I wish to address with a
minimum of redundantly stored data?

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