Re: usage of DCE GDS & ldap servers

Jonathan Chinitz (
Thu, 15 Aug 96 19:41:55 EDT

At 2:50 PM 8/15/96, wrote:
> I found the recent exchange on this subject on the ldap list
> fascinating.
> I'm about to start a pilot implementation, followed by
> enterprise-level deployment, of LDAP and CDS services, to support
> applications like employee locator, shared e-mail address book and DCE
> (plus DFS) services.
> I am curious about whether the following setup would yield the results
> I conjecture:
> - X.500 (either GDS [1988 X.500] or 1993 X.500) server at the logical
> and physical root of our enterprise namespace
> - DCE directory server(s) and tree(s) using the DCE GDA to
> interoperate with the GDS server
I presume that you will be naming your cells with X.500 DN's and not using
DNS names. You might be able to use cell aliasing (when it all finally
works) to give yourself a DNS alias so that folks like me can find you :-)

> - U-Mich or commercial LDAP server(s) capable of talking DAP/DSP to
> the X.500 root server
> - DCE directory servers and security registries populated with
> extended attributes of interest, such as campus/building/room,
> voice/fax phone number(s), public keys, etc.
(buzzer sound)
first -- no EAs in CDS. Would like to have them -- but then that would make
CDS a "real" Directory service and not YANN ( a pun on YACC, where NN ==
Network Naming service).
second -- I hope that in the list of EAs above you only meant to include
the pub keys in the registry. I think there are valid reasons for the
separation of "church (security) and state (everything else)" in DCE.

> The conjecture:
> - I intend to find out whether an LDAP browser finds the DCE directory
> service data visible
Though must be on druggeth....It might find the A/Vs for the CDS servers
and clearinghouses as they have been advertised in the DSAs, but no way
does an LDAP browser start making auth-rpcs with CDSPI calls.

> Anyone have any experience with this? If so, does it work? If not,
> how did you solve the functional requirement I wish to address with a
> minimum of redundantly stored data?
Federation of naming where have I heard that term before....I
think it has an X in front of it....

An alternative is to use CDS where you want to put X.500 and work on
defining a DCE-based junction/federation protocol that extends things like
/.:/sec, /.:/fs, /.:/hosts/foo/config (which btw already exist in DCE...)
to arbitrary junctions, with a generic interface for namespace browsing. I
can send you a paper that I presented 2 years ago at the DCE conferences in
San Jose, Boston and London that spells this out, blow by blow, including a
ns_discovery.idl. It allows a service to define its namespace in terms of
EAs with an interface that can search and display, add and delete, etc.

If you have DCE -- you might as well exploit its wonders...