referral databases

Noemi Rodriguez (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 17:41:18 -0300

We are currently running some experiments on slapd, and
would like to ask som questions which may be rather silly...
1) When a referral entry is added to the database, is it
possible to specify a non-standard port for the referral slapd?
(This is because we would like to build an experimental hierarchy
and would like to avoid using reserved ports)
2) We would like to understand better the relationship between the
referral entries and the subordinate and superior references described
in X.518, section 10.1. The referral references seem to build
a non-hierarchical graph, but would it be possible to implement,
using only slapds, a directory service where an entry could be
located independently of where the request was posted?
Thanks for any help,

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