MALCOLM BOFF (100305.2043@compuserve.com)
24 Aug 96 08:44:30 EDT

I have read the current Internet document with the proposals for LDAP Version 3
and would like to add my comments to it.

Firstly I am not a "pragmatist" nor am I overly concerned by the semantics but
just a "practical programmer and my comments are left for others to explain.

Currently the X500 LIST function has not been implemented and I note with
disdain that it is not currently proposed to implement this function in V3 since
it is argued that a workaround can be acheived via SEARCH. Has anyone tried
implementing LIST and actually measured the time differences between these 2
mechanisms ?? The answer is YES I have and I believe that the differences are
such that in my view it is essential to implement LIST ASAP.

I implemented in the following way :-

1) add a couple of additional lines to "ldap.h" to add LDAP_REQ_LIST and
2) new LDAP function(s) "ldap_list", "ldap_list_s" and "ldap_list_st"
and fof ISODE
3) modify "request.c" and "rely.c" to add in OP_LIST etc
4) new module "list.c" to do the request and to receive the result

toal coding and testing time one day ....

Timing trials - tested by use of a "time" statement before and after a) a call
to the SEARCH method and similarly for a call to the new ldap_list_s the calls
were issued to extract all organizations within a given country where the size
was in excess of the the sizelimit of 500. The results are as follows :-

LIST 14 secs
SEARCH 244 secs

This has made very significant improvements to the clints Web pages which were
taking overly long times to respond. I am told that the differences are largely
due to the differences in the number of authentications required for each entry
but what actually matters to my client is how quickly a response is available.
PLEASE PLEASE implement the LIST function and provide support it.

PS I have still not received a confirmation to my reported bug in SEARCH has
anyone read and checked it's validity !!!