Fair Delicacies


     My dear friends, I fear that I cannot continue this tour on an empty stomach. It is too difficult for me to ignore the smells and crowds of people that are enjoying the variety of treats. If you look around, you can see the many vendors that line the streets, selling delicious foods such as, goose, pork, cheese, gingerbread, and nuts. If some of you do not enjoy these delicious treats from the vendors, there are sometimes coffeehouses, taverns, as well as eating-houses scattered around. As you can see, there are such a variety of foods. I think I am going to get the roast pork. Come on let's all try it, not a better place across all of England to dine on pork, the May Fair is known for its delicious pork.

     You must know that, some fairs are notorious for certain foods. Oh, excuse me while I wipe the sauce that I have on my mouth and spilled on my dress. My, I can be such a mess. As I was saying, some fairs are notorious for the food that that vendors concoct and sell. For instance, the Bartholomew Fair, features, "plum-porridge, black-puddings, and op'ning of oysters, fine sausages fried, wine, beer, ale, and cakes, and especially roast pork." [1]. My guess is that the in the mid seventeen hundreds the beef sausage will overshadow the popularity of the roast pig. Notice the throng of children running around with their "raisins, cakes, sugarplums, figs, and pudding," Sometimes the riots seem to begin arise with the craze of the children. Riots are fairly common at the large Fairs, but I am proud to say I have never participated or even witnessed one first hand.
Other than pork, fruit vendors seem to quench my appetite.

     Oh, how I would love a juicy ripe orange right now. However, I will control that craving for now. I think I can wait until we get to the theater, where Henry Fielding will be performing. Oranges are of course the popular snacks at the theatres.  Just be glad that your tour guide is not an orange girl, they have quite the reputation.

     Well, my pork was delicious. To some people, the food is the main attraction at the fair. I for one, thoroughly enjoy the treats, and just watching the people. If the pork was not enough to fill your stomach, perhaps you should visit "An Upper-Class English Dining Experience," to delight in various other delicacies. Let us now move on to the Bartholomew Fair, where we will continue to explore the many attractions 18th Century English fairs have to offer.


      Modern Fairgoers enjoy roast pig, almost as much as I do!




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