Negroes Being Carried Out to a Slave Ship/Castles on the Gold Coast;Dow,75.

Belled Slave Collar:

created to track down

runaway slaves; Everett,121.

Female Samboe Slave:given 200 lashes;Dow,235.


The Agony of the March:

weak slaves abandoned

by their captures await

their death;Everett,41.


On the Slave Coast;slaves await transportation;Everett,38.

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Three Lynching;Everett,87.

Handcuffs,Leg Shackles,Thumb Screws and Speculum Oris;Dow,67.





Ship Deck



Group of Negroes :just landed to be sold for slaves;Dow,119.


Inside Slave Ship;Everett,48.




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