Slavery in Eighteenth Century England

Created by

Erica Major, London Bell, Turkessa Baldridge, and Tene Jackson

April 1999

The following web site explores Slavery in Eighteen Century England. We focus specifically on the history and purpose of slavery, the early relationships between Africa and England, the Middle passage, the Zong Ship, the profitability of slavery, the Mansfield Case and finally concluding with the Anit-Slavery Movement. We also have provided a library of links and sources for those who want to do more research on this topic. This web site is a project of an English class focusing on 18th century England taught at The University of Michigan. The motivation behind doing this project was to educate ourselves and others of the institution of slavery in England.

 Art Gallery

The The Wait of Despair  From An African Exodus website



Slaves being boarded onto Slaves Ships From African Exodus Website


The March towards the coast From an African Exodus website


Purpose of Slavery / Middle passage/ The Zong Ship/ The Mansfield Case

Anti-Slavery Movement/ Various Links/ Annotated Bibliography/ECE

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