What's New - 08/03/2013 (PM_v2.5.5 / SF424_v.2.2.1)

Grants.gov (SF424) Application Enhancements and Changes

Change to Optional Forms Functionality

Functionality on the Optional Forms page in the Grants.gov application has been enhanced. The first page of the Grants.gov application is the Optional Forms page, which displays a list of forms that can be added to the application. After clicking the checkbox next to the title of the form you wish to add, the system automatically performs two actions:

  1. It transforms the title of the form into a hyperlink that can be used to navigate directly to that form.
  2. It adds a link to the form in the Jump to menu at the top of the application.

It takes a few seconds for the system to complete these tasks after clicking the checkbox. You must wait for the system to finish before selecting additional forms. If you attempt to add another form before the system has finished processing your previous request, a warning message displays instructing you to wait for the system to finish. You know the process is complete when you hover over the form’s title and your cursor changes to a hand .

Support for Additional Forms

Support for 20 additional forms has been added. Most of the form changes are for the National Institutes of Health's (NIH) update to the FORMS-C application package.

NIH Form Changes

The NIH has made a number of changes to its forms. Major changes are highlighted below. More details can be found at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/ElectronicReceipt/files/FORMS-C_Changes.pdf

  • The SF424 R&R Cover Page now displays as one page instead of two pages in eResearch. The Adobe Package still displays as a two-page form.
  • Contact information for the ORSP Project Representative has moved from the PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement Form to the SF424 R&R Cover Page. The eRPM system automatically copies this information into the applicable fields.
  • The PHS 398 Planned Enrollment Report and the Cumulative Enrollment Report are no longer attachments. They are now "fillable forms" completed from within the Grants.gov application.

Other New Supported Forms

  • Key Contacts (most commonly seen in EPA applications)
  • Economic Development Administration Application for Investment Assistance (used by Dept. of Commerce)
  • Objective Work Plan (new versions)

NIH Validation Rules updated to version 5.4

The validation requirement to attach a Biographical Sketch for each Senior/Key person is now owned by NIH. This means that when other agencies ask for biographical sketches to be uploaded in another section of the proposal (besides the Senior/Key Personnel Form), omitting this information will no longer generate a submission error.


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