What's New - 04/20/2013 (Version 2.5)

DRDA/ORSP Name Change is Now Complete in eRPM!

All references in eRPM to the Division of Research Development and Administration (DRDA) have been replaced with the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) as per the department's name change effective January 2012.

Subcontract (SUBK) Enhancements

eRPM Subcontract functionality continues to evolve as eResearch, ORSP, and the Office of Contract Administration (OCA) work to automate the business process.

Subcontract Amendments in eRPM

New Process! Project teams now request subcontract amendments in eRPM to make changes to any active subcontract agreement. This process replaces the paper process previously conducted with OCA.

In order to make changes to an active subcontract agreement (SUBK), the project team requests and submits a SUBK amendment. Upon receiving the amendment request, OCA will determine if any Unit and/or PI action is required.  If so, they will route the request via eRPM to the appropriate parties.

See the Request a SUBK Amendment step-by-step procedure for complete instructions, business process information, and tips.

Paper Subcontracts Converted to SUBKs in eRPM

Existing subcontracts have been converted into eRPM.  A new SUBK project has been created for each and associated with the PAF ID with the same parent project grant number. Please note that supporting documents will not be converted. A communication will be sent to Primary Pre- and Post-Research Administrators listed on the PAFs associated with the converted subcontract records to provide them with additional information.

SUBK-Closeout Process

A series of automated emails will be sent to the PI and Project Team starting 30 days prior to the end-date of the SUBK. The notification instructs the Project Team to either initiate a close-out of the SUBK or to request a SUBK amendment. If no action is taken, additional notifications will be sent on the end-date of the SUBK and every 2 weeks thereafter until 8 weeks have passed. After 8 weeks, the system will automatically initiate a closeout of the SUBK.

Animal Management Data Now Available in eRPM

For PAFs that include the use of animals in research, project teams will now select related protocols from eResearch Animal Management. 

PAF question 5.2.1 for vertebrate animal use has been revised. You will now be able to look up eResearch Animal Management (eRAM) Protocol IDs. The approval date, expiration date and other information will automatically update as changes are applied to the eRAM protocol. Additionally, a checkbox has been added asking you to indicate if a protocol will be approved and held at another institution.

PAF question 5.2.1

Subject Line Moved in "Post a Comment to Entire Project" Activity

The field to enter customized text in the Subject Line for email related to the Post a Comment for the Entire Project activity has been moved towards the top of the activity window (see image below).

post a comment to entire project activity window

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