What's New - 09/30/2013 (PM_v2.6 / SF424 Update)

SF424 Update

This update provides support for importing the subaward budget V1.3 (RR_BUDGET_5Year_30ATT). Both V1.1 and V1.3 of the Adobe Subaward form can be updated. NOTE: You will continue to see V1.1 of the form if you download it from eResearch (SF424 workspace). This is not an issue for submission - the data is the same on both versions of the form and will be correctly transmitted to Grants.gov.

Additional information for unsupported Grants.gov forms

Some Grants.gov opportunities (FOAs) include new forms that are not yet supported in eResearch.  If one of these forms is included in your downloaded opportunity, it will display as "Additional Required Unsupported Forms" or "Additional Unsupported Optional Forms".  If one of these forms is needed for your submission (required or optional), instructions on the page will direct you to fill out the Adobe package for submission.


New view on Subcontracts (SUBKs)

You can now view all Previously Related PAFs under Manage Data in the SUBK workspace. It is available for all individuals who have access to view the SUBK.

Previously Related PAFs view under Manage Data



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