What's New - 8/25/2014 (PM_v3.1.1)

Subcontract (SUBK) Request Form / Amendment Request Form

These forms have been updated to align with new Federal guidelines concerning sub-recipient institutions.

  • A new required field called Subcontract Goals has been added to both the SUBK Request form and the Amendment Request form. Users are required to provide a brief description of the work the subcontractor will perform in this field. Amendment requests on currently active SUBKs will also require completion of this field. Information entered in this field will also display on any associated Amendment Request forms and can be edited as needed.

Image of Subcontract Goals question which displays on the Subcontract Request Form and Amendment Request Form.

  • The question “Is this award funded under a Federal Contract?” now displays on page 3 of the SUBK Request form, and it is answered based on the Project Grant Number selected on page 2 of the form.
  • The Project Period Start Date, Project Period End Date and Estimated Award for Entire Project Period fields are now required for completing an initial SUBK request. Once submitted, future updates to these fields will be completed by the Office of Contract Administration (OCA).

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