Release Notes Version 3.3

Released December 15, 2013

The following changes apply to Study Teams:

When an Amendment or Continuing Review changes a study to Not Regulated or Exempt, the Not Regulated Determination Date or Exempt Determination Date, as applicable, will display on the study workspace.

When searching for study team members or viewing user profiles, "Organization" information will no longer display.

A section numbering error on the Documents tab has been fixed.

An issue causing a system error when users try to execute the Decline to Rebut activity has been fixed.

An issue causing the risk level to display an incorrect name for amendments has been fixed.

Application Question Wording Changes:

  • Question 23-2.7 now reads, "Upload an electronic copy of your responses to Appendix M (items M-II through M-V-B)."
  • Questions 23-2.8 now reads, "Upload an electronic copy of the scientific abstract and an electronic copy of the non-technical abstract."

The following changes apply to Core Staff and Committees:

Review Type has been added to the SCR approval letters.

In the PRC Summary Report on Amendments, the Estimated Study End Date has been replaced with the Estimated Duration of the Study.

New Activities!

  • Core Staff who are members of the committee currently reviewing a submission (HUM, AME, ADV, CR) in the state of "Designated Reviewer Contingency Review" can unassign all reviewers using the Unassign Desginated Contingency Review activity. This activity changes the state of the submission back to "Core Committee Staff Contingency Review."
  • Core Staff can also use the Reassign Designated Contingency Reviewer activity to reassign individual reviewers. This activity does not change the state of the submission.

Enhancements have been made to the Open Action Items tab:

  • Fields Added: Primary Core Staff Owner, Action Item Due Date, Action Item Category, Comments
  • An Export button now displays allowing the user to export data as a .csv file or an Excel spreadsheet. Note that pop-up blockers must be turned off to use this function.


The following changes apply to Ancillary Committees:

A system error causing auto-generated contingencies to be duplicated when the FWA Number is not entered in section 3-1. for non University of Michigan Performance Sites has been fixed.