Release Notes Version 3.6.1

Released December 15, 2014

The following changes apply to All Users:

For applications where the application type is Requesting Review by Non-UM IRB, an error causing an incorrect link to display on the Documents tab has been fixed. This link now correctly takes the user to section 10-6 Informed Consent.


The following change applies to Study Teams:

An error preventing Amendments in the state of Ancillary Committee Review from displaying on the In Progress tab of the user's home workspace has been fixed.


The following change applies to Core Committees:

An error preventing some committee members from properly displaying in the list of voting members has been fixed.


The following change applies to MCRU:

An error allowing some applications not requiring review from MCRU to display in the MCRU Inbox has been fixed.


The following change applies to IRB-MED:

An amendment process has been added to the new Repository Application being piloted by the IRB-MED. Access to this new application is limited. Plans for a full release of the new application will be communicated in early 2015. For more details, see the Repository Application Amendment step-by-step procedure.