Murder Mystery: CSTR Volume Algorithm

Isothermal CSTR reactor design 
Problem solving and analysis


32 minutes ± 10 minutes


Fogler: Chapter 5


The goal of this game is to allow students to practice the CSTR design algorithm: 

In the interactive portion of the game the student must solve a murder mystery, with the aid of Sir Nigel Ambercrombie, an English investigator.  It seems that overnight there was a slight irregularity in conversion for the CSTR at the Nutmega Spice Company: 




It is feared that one of the employees may have been murdered by a fellow employee, and the dead body left within the reactor.  By analyzing the conversion data, gathering information about the plant's personnel, and using their knowledge of CSTR design, students must determine the identity of both the murderer and the victim.  Help may be obtained by questioning the suspects:




Grade Base

Successful solution of the murder mystery with a minimum of assistance. 


Students have always enjoyed the murder mystery scenario in this game. 


(Run from DVD) (Install to PCInstructions for installing and using the ICGs are available.

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