The Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics presents the

LHC New Physics Signatures Workshop

January 5th thru 11th, 2008
340 West Hall
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor Michigan


Talks are now available online on the Scientific Program page

When the LHC starts taking data it will probe new territory in both energy and intensity. There are strong indirect arguments that signals of new physics should appear. The LHC is a complex detector environment, where such new signatures could conceivably be missed. It may be very important to think ahead of time about kinds of new signatures and how to ensure the detectors can recognize them and trigger on them. Further, once new physics is detected it is very important to have ideas about what this might imply for other observable channels, to establish validity and to test ideas.

To explore these issues, from January 5--11th, the Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics (MCTP) will host a workshop on "LHC New Physics Signatures" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The emphasis will be on physics Beyond the Standard Model and how to best untangle its signatures at the LHC. We hope to have significant participation from theorists and experimenters.

The format for talks is contingent on the number of people interested in giving seminars, but we plan to leave an ample amount of time for unstructured discussion and interaction, and perhaps subgroups. If you have an interest in presenting related work, please let us know.

There is some money available to help defray expenses. Let us know if you require financial assistance. There will be no registration fee and no formal written proceedings.