Effective Field Theory in Cosmology Workshop

March 11-13, 2010
340 West Hall, University of Michigan
1085 S.University Ave, Ann Arbor MI 48109

The Michigan Center for Theoretical Physics

Scientific Program
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Effective field theory is the cornerstone of our description of early universe cosmology, as exemplified by the theory of cosmological inflation. In recent years, interest in primordial non-gaussianity, loop corrections, initial state effects and the generic predictions of inflationary models has spurred a deeper theoretical understanding of effective field theory applied to time-dependent or cosmological space-times.

Cosmological observations suggest that the current universe is composed of roughly three-quarters dark energy and is again undergoing a period of accelerated expansion.  Can effective field theory methods shed light on the nature of dark energy as well?

This workshop will bring together around 30 researchers to exchange ideas about these two periods of cosmological acceleration in the context of effective field theories and their confrontation with data.

Invited Participants:

  Cristian Armendariz-Picon
  Cliff Burgess
  Gregory Gabadadze
  Richard  Holman
  Lam  Hui
  Alberto  Iglesias
  Nemanja Kaloper
  Finn Larsen
  Albion Lawrence
  Louis Leblond
  Alberto  Nicolis
  Enrico Pajer
  Massimo Porrati
  Leonardo Senatore
  Sarah Shandera
  Yanwen Shang
  Gary  Shiu
  Lorenzo Sorbo
  Andrew Tolley
  Scott Watson
* James Wells
  Kathryn Zurek

* To be confirmed

Organizing Committee

Scott Watson
University of Michigan

Finn Larsen
University of Michigan

Andrew Tolley
Perimeter Institute

Cliff Burgess
Perimeter Institute &
McMaster University