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February 2015

Susan Lipschutz Award

Betsy is awarded the Susan Lipschutz Award for the Spring/Summer term. Congratulations to Betsy!

January 2015

New Faces

Sofiya and Chengcheng started their rotations with the group.

January 2015

Winter Term Fellowship

Susu is awarded the Department of Chemistry Winter Term Fellowship. Congratulations to Susu!

December 2014

New Paper

Besty and Sabrina's paper on functionalization of GaP(111)B through a Williamson ether-type reaction is published on The Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

July 2014

Poster Award

Tim is awarded a poster prize at the 2014 Vaughn Symposium. Congratulations Tim!

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Group meetings are usually every Monday at 12pm in Room 2744. Visitors are welcome to attend.