Hiring MSalsa for Special Events

Add some salsa to your night…

MSalsa has participated in many on- and off-campus events. Whether you would like a demonstration of Rueda de Casino or a salsa lesson for your student group, company banquet, wedding celebration, or a community gathering, we’ll be happy to be part of your event and make it a memorable experience for all the participants.

If you are interested in hiring MSalsa for your event, send us an email to with the following information:

  • The theme, name and type of your event
  • The date and time of your event
  • How many people you are expecting to take part in the event
  • The location of your event (including the type of floor, the amount of space, etc.)
  • Whether you can provide a music system

Please visit our performances page to view a sample of past events that MSalsa was honored to participate in.



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