6/5/13: Welcome to Dr. Matthias Gube, who is visiting the lab this summer to work on various basidiomycete projects, particularly the genomics of
Leucoagaricus. Matthias is visiting from Erika Kothe's group at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.

5/16/13: Tim participates in teaching a workshop on Microbial Population Genetics and Evolution at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Microbiology, Beijing. Instructors were : Jianping Xu, Xuhua Xia, and Tim James. The workshop culminated in a research symposium with excellent talks from the workshop participants.

1/04/13: Thomas, Clarisse Betancourt, and I depart for Brazil. We will be researching chytridiomycosis in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest in collaboration with Felipe Toledo and Domingos Leite (UNICAMP).

11/04/12: Second Cagean Walk with Prof. Michael Gurevich’s Performing Arts Technology class (audio), Mycotics (lyrics), and the Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club at Bird Hills Park.

08/10/12: Lisa Schloegel,
Felipe Toledo paper on Bd genotypes in the frog trade is published with important implications for the role of frog farming in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. link to pdf.

Thomas interviewed by Radio Australia on his work on “mushies” of Micronesia!

Iman participates in local BioBlitz with Detroit area highschoolers. There was a morel to the story.

04/14/12: The Mycotics participate in a John Cage performance/fungal foray to honor his 100th birthday. This collaboration was the brain child of
Prof. Michael Gurevich (UM School of Music, Theatre and Dance).

12/09/11: Sadly the end of the 2nd Biology of Fungi class. Thanks everyone for a wonderful semester! Class will be taught again in Fall of 2013.

09/06/11: Welcome to new Ph.D. student Thomas Jenkinson! Thomas recently received his M.Sc. in mycology at San Francisco State University with Dennis Desjardin studying the genus

08/06/11: Brian Malloure wins best student poster at the MSA meeting in Fairbanks. “Estimating inbreeding in the bird's nest fungus Cyathus stercoreus using microsatellites and mating type allele distribution.” Way to go Brian!

07/29/11: A fond farewell to Maria Lee who is moving to Athens, GA to pursue a PhD in Plant Biology with
Michelle Momany. Thanks and good luck Maria; it’s been awesome to work with you!

05/04/11: Congratulations to Kate Zemenick who was awarded an NSF predoctoral fellowship! Kate will be joining the Graduate Group in Ecology at UC Davis this Fall.

03/15/11: Welcome to Elena Zvyagina visiting from Yugansky Nature Reserve to work on boletes of Siberia

10/04/10: Congratulations and farewell to Dr. Linda van Diepen who is moving on to a postdoctoral position with Serita Frey at U. New Hampshire. Good luck Linda and thanks for a great year!

09/17/10: We are pleased to have Lisa Schloegel back for another research visit

Optical map of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis completed. JEL423 has 16 chromosomes (1N).

02/23/10: Mycology discussion group begins, Rm. 1270, 9 am

12/11/09: Last day of Biology of Fungi Class (EEB468). Class will be taught again in Fall 2011.

06/05/09: new paper on global chytridiomycosis population genetics published in PLoS Pathogens.

04/30/09: Lisa Schloegel from Wildlife Trust visiting to study the population genetics of chytridiomycosis in bullfrogs.