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Dr. Edna Amir Coffin
Hebrew Professor, University of Michigan
Project Coordinator, Project FLAME
(Foreign Language Applications in the Multimedia Environment)

This program was designed by Dr. Edna Amir Coffin, a Professor of Hebrew Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. She is also the director of Project FLAME (Foreign Language Applications in the Multimedia Environment) where multimedia interactive language and culture applications are designed. For a number of years Dr. Coffin was an IBM consulting scholar. She will serve as the next president of the National Association of Professors of Hebrew, an organization for the advancement of Research and Teaching of Hebrew Language and Literature.

Dr. Coffin is the recipient of two EDUCOM awards for excellence in design and pedagogy for her multimedia language and culture applications. Her work has been supported by a number of university grants and grants from IBM, the Department of Education and the National Endowment for the Humanities for work being done at FLAME. She is the author of several Hebrew language textbooks (Lessons in Modern Hebrew, Level I and Level II, Hebrew Encounters - Level I, II and III). She is also working on a number of CD-ROM based multimedia applications. These include School for the Arts, A Summer Encounter, The Safe Affair, Encounters, Talking Poetry and Fiction in Motion.