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Deadline for Nominations for Membership is March 14, 2018

Annual Banquet and Initiation Ceremony
Thursday, April 19, 2018
Speaker: Frederick Becchetti, Ph.D.
"Magic and the Michigan Magicians of Science"


2017 SCIENCE FAIR - Cobo Center March 2017
Winners were honored at the Banquet

2017 Annual Meeting
(Initiation Banquet, Awards Ceremony, and Guest Speaker)
Wednesday April 19, 2017
Speaker: Daniel C. Fisher, Ph.D.
Director, Museum of Paleontology
University of Michigan
"The Bristle Mammoth - Still Emerging"

UPCOMING: Annual Banquet and Initiation Ceremony
April 19, 2018
Speaker: Frederick Becchetti, Ph.D.
The Magic of Science


As we have been doing for the past five years, the University of Michigan
Chapter of Sigma Xi provided financial support for support for one of
the UM Museum of Natural History's Science Cafés. This year it
was the March 22, 2017 Science Café on "Epigenetics". The
speakers were Kelly Bakulski and Dana Dolinoy of the U-M School of
Public Health, and Srijan Sen of the Department of Psychiatry at
Michigan Medicine, pictured below,\ with Kira Berman (far right),
Assistant Director of Education at the UM Museum of Natural History.

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The deadlines for Grants in Aid of Research are in March and October each year. For more information,
click HERE. [Last update January 2017].

Postoc-Survey 2005

In May 2008, The University of Michigan Chapter of Sigma Xi was given
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The Chapter has benefited from donations from Pfizer Pharaceutical
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