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Department of Biostatistics



Peter X.K. Song, Ph.D.

Professor of Biostatistics
Tel: (734) 764 9328

Professor Song's research interests concern primarily the development of innovative statistical methodologies for design and analysis of biomedical studies, and its applications to medical and public health sciences. The specific fields of methodology research include data integration, data harmonization, high-dimensional data analysis, longitudinal data analysis, missing data, spatio-temporal data analysis, and statistical methods in bioinformatics and genetics. He is deeply involved in a wide range of collaborations with clinical researchers from Departments of Nephrology, Pediatrics, Environmental Health Sciences, Health Education and Practice, and Nutritional Sciences.

Current Members

PhD Students

Margaret Banker

PhD Student

Mathieu Bray

PhD Candidate

Wei Hao

PhD Candidate

Emily C. Hector

PhD Candidate

Lan Luo

PhD Candidate

Joseph Naiman

PhD Student

Wen Wang

PhD Candidate

Andrew Whiteman

PhD Student

Zac Zezhi Zhang

PhD Candidate

Yiwang Zhou

PhD Student

Post Doctoral

Xichen She

Post Doctoral Researcher

Ling Zhou

Post Doctoral Researcher

Past Members

PhD Graduates

Lu Tang

Statistical Methods of Data Integration, Model Fusion, and Heterogeneity Detection in Big Biomedical Data Analysis (2013-2018)
Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh

Wei Ding

Copula Regression Models for the Analysis of Correlated Data with Missing Values (2012-2015)
Barclays Investment Bank

Yan Zhou

Statistical Methods for High-Dimensional Networked Data Analysis (2010-2014)
Merck & Co.

Peisong Han (Co-supervision)

Empirical Likelihood Approach to Statistical Analysis with Missing Data (2009-2013)
Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo

Yijiang Li (Co-supervision)

Optimization and Simulation of Kidney Paired Donation Programs (2010-2012)
Google Inc.

Youna Hu (Co-supervision)

Analysis of Genomic Sequencing Data (2010-2012)

Fei Wang (Co-supervision)

Statistical Issues in Merging Longitudinal Data (2009-2012)
Ford Global Analytics

Yun Bai

Composite Estimating Functions and Applications in Spatio-Temperal Data (2008-2011)
Federal Bank

Bin Zhu (Co-supervision)

Stochastic Dynamic Models for Functional Data (2008-2010)
NCI Principle Investigator
Post Doctoral

Jonggyu Baek

Association analysis of growth patterns and physical activities with exposure to toxicants (2016-2017)
Assistant Professor at UMass Medical School

Yanhua Chen

Optmial Graphical Algorithm in Paired Kidney Exchanges (2010-2012)
Data Scientist at UM Hospital
MSc Graduates

Kat Hoffman

Christina Zhou

PhD Student at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Visiting Scholars Hosted by the Lab


Prof. Yanqing Yi

Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Prof. Chun Dong

School of Statistics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

Prof. Xuewen Lu

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Calgary, Canada

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