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The Chemistry ISS provides a full range of support to all classrooms and laboratories within the department.   These support functions include everything that is required for the laboratories and demonstrations and student interactive devices in the classrooms.

Lab Support
Everything to support the laboratories is accomplished by contacting the Lab Manager, Jim Vollmers.


Lab Manager

Lab Coordinator

Lab Technicians

Chem Stand

  • A601 Chem, ph 734.763.4684

Laboratory locations
The suites of instructional labs that begin with "A" are located in the lower atrium of the Willard H. Dow or 1988 Chemistry building.

The instructional labs for upper level courses that include Analytical, Physical and Advanced Synthetic labs are located on the 2nd floor of the 1948 Chemistry building.

A complete list of available classroom demonstrations will be available soon.   Requests for these demonstrations can be made by contacting Ed Burton

Faculty and GSI information

  • Is this your first time teaching a UM Chem lab course?
  • Instrumentation
    • What instruments are available?
    • How do I learn to use the instruments?
  • Chemical order form
  • Special Project information
  • FAQs
    • Where are things located in the lab?
    • How does check-in/check-out work?
    • How do I get chemicals and supplies for the lab?
    • What do I do in case of an emergency?

Student information

  • Lab safety and general rules
  • Check-in & check-out procedures
  • Lab fees - what are they good for?

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