Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I join the team even if I don't know how to play rugby?
A. Yes. Since rugby is not popular in high school sports and outside leagues, our club does not expect people to know the game when they first come to practice. Our team is built on learning and improving and the older players/coaches will be willing to teach you all you need to know.

Q. What size do I have to be to play rugby safely?
A. Rugby women come in all sizes. We have girls ranging from 5'2 - 6'0 tall and 115lbs to 190lbs. All women are competitive and recieve playing time.

Q. Is rugby dangerous?
A. Rugby safety is only created through training and experience. It is just as dangerous as any other contact sport due to its nature, however, a controlled game of rugby is as safe as any other athletic competition.

Q. How much do you guys practice?
A. During the fall, we practice two days a week, for two hours, although we expect players to be working out during times away from practice. Our winter season times are to be determined; they are usually late night (after 10 PM), three days, for about an hour and a half each.

Q. Is it possible to be successful in school and play rugby, too?
A. Yes, it's possible to succeed in school and play rugby. Majors on the team range from english, to engineering, to biology, while grade points reach as high as 3.9.

Q. Is it hard to play rugby?
A. Rugby is 80 minutes of continuous running and physical contact without much substitution. It is as difficult as training for any other sport.

Q. How many hours a week do you practice?
A. During the fall term the team practices twice a week for two hours. In the winter we practice three evenings a week, with practices ranging from one and a half hours to two hours.

Q. Do I have to buy a lot of gear to play rugby?
A. No! All you need is a pair of cleats and a mouth guard.

Q. When do you guys play games?
A. During the fall season games are Saturday's in the morning or early afternoon. The winter season is composed of tournaments.

Q. Where are practices held?
A. Fall practices are held at Mitchell Field, located between North and Central Campus. Winter practices are held inside at Oosterbaan Field House.

Q. How much do I have to pay to play rugby?
A. Dues vary based on fundraising success throughout the year. They are usualy around one hundred dollars.

Q. I'm in a sorority/another club, can I play rugby, too?
A. Most members of Michigan Rugby are active students who participate in different organizations and hold jobs. As long as you are still able to commit to our practices and games, we encourage such varity.

Q. What is the team like?
A. There are many different types of people and personalities on the team. Come out and get to know us!

Q. Who do I contact so I can ask to join rugby?
A. For more information or to join the rugby email list, contact