Tuesday, January 21, at 8:00 PM
MSZ is proud to host:

National President,
Zionist Organization of America

For An Evening of Debate with Ali Abunimah
Vice President of the Arab-American Action Network

At the Michigan Union - Click here for directions

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Supporting Israel is not about liberal or conservative, left or right. Supporting Israel is about supporting freedom, human rights, and democracy.

Those who do not support Israel either do not realize or willfully ignore that the Palestinian Authority has resurrected the politics of hatred, teaching children from the moment of birth to hate Israel and America while their leadership throws lies and excuses at the Western media for their complicity in terrorist operations that target cafes, supermarkets, and skyscrapers.

At the same time, Palestinian groups in America are hard at work spreading anti-Israel propaganda, building a tolerance for terrorism . These groups claim to have human rights in mind, but conveniently ignore the egregious abuses of governments such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and, perhaps the worst offender of all, the Palestinian Authority. This singling out of Israel is simply anti-Semitism.

The Palestinian crusade against Israel is fueled by deception, anti-Semitism, Islamic extremism, and the unapologetic rewriting of history.


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MSZ has prepared a literature campaign consisting of excerpts from Arab media (Word format). Feel free to use these flyers in your own campaigns, but let us know by e-mailing us at the address above.

Michigan Student Zionists recognizes that campuses all over the country, including our own, have become targets for Palestinian activists trying to appeal to liberal sympathies, and we intend to break down some of the rhetoric and deception being presented. Within these pages are documents and articles about the conflict to inform everyone from the casually interested to the deeply concerned.

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