Exploding Myths: Why Israel's War on Terrorism is Working by Jonathan Chait
"Suicide bombings started...after the 1993 Oslo Accords, which provided Palestinians with their best opportunity for a state. They intensified massively after Israel withdrew from Lebanon and offered a series of generous territorial concessions... historical facts mesh better with the idea that Palestinian violence results from Israeli weakness than with the idea that it results from Israeli strength. The Palestinians may never really accept Israel's right to exist, but they may make peace if they conclude that destroying Israel is impossible.

Bush's Big Mideast Mistake by Joseph Farah
"Had the recognition Bush bestowed on Yasser Arafat's cause resulted in constructive negotiations toward peace or a cessation of hostilities, one might be able to argue that the decision was an example of bold and insightful leadership. However...W
hat has happened in the seven months since Bush's attempt to appease Arafat and the Mideast terrorists is very clear – terrorist violence has escalated beyond anything we would have been able to imagine in October 2001."

The Statehood Mistake: Negotiating with Terrorists by Marc Levin
"Israel can no more accept the cold-blooded murder of its citizens than the U.S. It can no more tolerate terrorists invading its borders and retreating to safe harbors in other countries than we can. Israel's security cannot be a bargaining chip to attract and keep Arab and Muslim nations in an antiterrorism coalition."

The Case for Israel by David Brudnoy
"The "occupation" of Judea and Samaria must continue until their residents begin to act like civilized adults instead of rabid juvenile delinquents routinely employed in the slaughter of innocents. Indeed, this occupation must continue until Palestinians stop teaching their children how to turn themselves into projectile human explosives."

Mideast Struggle was never about Land by David Horowitz
The Jews..built the only industrial and democratic nation in the entire Middle East. The only tolerant society in the heart of Islam. To this day, Israeli Arabs have more rights than the inhabitants of any other state in the Arab Middle East. What is the crime of the Jews...? Their crime is that they are heathens in the empire of Islam. The Palestinian terrorists and their sponsors, Arafat and the Palestine Authority, orchestrate the genocidal agenda. There will be no peace until they are defeated or destroyed.

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