Appendix II

Domestic Violence Project/SAFE House Report on
"Michigan Domestic Violence and Sexual Homicides: October 1996 to September 1997."

William Arnett - Age 39. Portage, MI

Died March 11, 1997. The ex-husband of the woman with whom he lived shot him. Robert Reynolds age 33, had a history of assaulting his estranged wife, Linda Condrey. After breaking into her home and killing William Arnett, he committed suicide. Linda and her 16-year-old daughter were barricaded in an upstairs bedroom and unharmed.

Sharon Bailey - Age 31. Detroit, MI

On May 31, 1996, Donald Holmes, age 35, stalked and beat her to death with a board, on the corner of a street. He was charged with Murder I.

Aleisha Belcher - Age 15. Detroit, MI

Shot to death with a shotgun and a pistol on March 23, 1997, along with two of her friends, Mindee Kalka and Rachelle Goodwin. At first it was thought that they had been killed due to gang violence. Later it was learned that Lorenzo Shelton III, age 18, boyfriend of Mindee, had committed the crime. His body was found three days later.

Yolanda Bellamy - Age 24. Detroit, MI

August 13, 1997, Yolanda was found dead in her home with 11 gashes across her head and neck. Scattered about her on the living room floor were the bodies of four small children who had also been stabbed and slashed to death.


Nathan Burns, Jr. - Age 5. Son of Yolanda Bellamy

Nathan Burns III - Age 3. Son of Yolanda Bellamy

Shafontah Bellamy - Age 3. Niece of Yolanda Bellamy

Delvontay Bellamy - Age 5. Nephew of Yolanda Bellamy


Reco Jones, Yolanda's ex-boyfriend, has been charged with five counts of homicide. When brought in for questioning on the murders, he jumped out of a fifth floor window of the Detroit Police Department and was in critical condition. He is charged with five counts of first degree murder.

Crystal Bunting - Age (Young teen). Lansing, MI

Stabbed to death on November 14, 1996, by Marco Chaired, boyfriend of Olga Delacruz, Crystal's mother. Chaired was assaulting Olga at the time and Crystal intervened to protect her mother.

Sherry Campbell - Age 39. Detroit, MI

Died March 10, 1997. Her father, James Campbell, shot Sherry to death along with her mother. He then set their home on fire and fled. He was arrested several hours later.

Joshua Deljanovan - Age 6. Jackson, MI

The son of Andrea and Mark Deljanovan who were divorcing after 13 years of marriage. Andrea had asked Judge Alexander Perlos to order that Mark be supervised during visitation with their son. Her request was denied. During the first unsupervised visit, Mark shot and killed Joshua and then himself.

Najorie Dillard - Age 45. Detroit, MI

She was shot in the chest and died on December 22, 1996. Her husband, Willard Dillard, age 64, is charged with second degree murder.

Lori Fossum - Age Unknown. Eaton Rapids, MI

Found dead in the home of her ex-boyfriend July 23, 1997. Lori's parents found her body, and the body of Glenn Glazier still holding a gun. They had become worried about their daughter and were searching for her. She was engaged to another postal worker at the time of her murder.

Rachelle Goodwin. - Age 17. Detroit, MI

Shot to death, with a shotgun and a pistol, along with two of her friends, Mindee Kalka and Aleisha Belcher, on March 23, 1997. At first thought to be the result of gang violence, it was later learned that Lorenzo Shelton III, age 18, boyfriend of Mindee, had committed the crime. His body was found three days later.


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Helen Howard - Age 47. Grand Rapids, MI

Died June 12, 1997 from a blow to the head. Her boyfriend, Andrew Cummings age 34, thought Helen was hiding his beer. She was on the telephone with one of her adult children when he hit her. She died several hours later. He is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Rosalind Howell - Age 35. Chesterfield Township, MI

Shot in the head December 30, 1996, by her boyfriend Gregory Davis, age 33. She never regained consciousness and died eight days later. Gregory Davis has been convicted of second-degree murder.

Darrell Izzard - Age 57. Wixom, MI

Died November 14, 1996 after being shot by Gerald Atkins, age 29, who also wounded three others. Atkins had entered the Ford Assembly Plant dressed in camouflage clothing and was carrying an assault rifle. He was looking for a female employee, for whom he had purchased an engagement ring, which she had rejected. The woman was not working that day but Atkins felt management had conspired to keep him from seeing the woman. Darrell Izzard was the plant manager. Atkins faces 26 felony charges.

Sherita Johnson - Age 37. Detroit, MI

Shot in the chest and died on April 13, 1996. John Moorer, age 41, with whom she lived, is charged with her murder.

David Joseph - Age 35. Clinton Township, MI

Shot to death by David Gibbard, the ex-husband of Maria Joseph, on December 18, 1996. The Joseph's two-year-old son was found in the next room unharmed. Neighbors reported that problems had recently escalated between Gibbard and his ex-wife. He had visitation rights with their two children but was required to pick them up and drop them off at the Madison Heights Police Department. (This type of arrangement is made by court order when the father may be a threat to the children's mother.)

Lisa Juchemich - Age 31. Iron Mountain, MI

Died February 5, 1997. After what a newspaper described as a "spat", Lisa Juchemich was stabbed by her husband Roger Juchemich, age 30, and shot in the back as she tried to escape from the house. He then shot and killed himself. Their ten-year-old daughter ran to a neighbor's home for help and called the police. Their other child, two years old, was found unharmed in the house.

Anjed Kahn - Age Unknown. Oak Park, MI

Found shot to death February 26, 1997, along with his mother-in-law Ahmedi Begum Khattak. Her husband, age 73, name unknown, was found at the scene and arrested.

Mindee Kalka - Age 14. Detroit, MI

Shot to death March 23, 1997 along with two of her friends, Aleisha Belcher and Rachelle Goodwin, by Lorenzo Shelton III, age 18. Mindee was his girlfriend and he thought she was pregnant. She wasn't. The girls had been shot first with a shotgun and then with a pistol. Three day later Shelton's body was found in a park. According to reports, he had been beaten and shot to death, by a friend, at his request.

Ahmedi Begum Khattak - Age Unknown. Oak Park, MI

Shot to death February 26, 1997, along with her son-in-law Anjed Kahn. Her 73 year old husband, name unknown, was arrested at the scene.


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Carol Lynn Knepp - Age Unknown. Centreville, MI

Shot to death through the window of her car with a 20-guage shotgun, on February 19, 1996. She was on her way to work and less than a quarter mile from her home when she was murdered. Her husband, Gary Knepp refused to testify at the inquest, invoking the Fifth Amendment.

Donna Kay Kuster - Age 32. Marquette, MI

Killed by a single shotgun blast to the abdomen August 25, 1997, by her estranged husband David E. Kuster, age 43. He sat in his pickup for over an hour waiting for her to return to her car after attending the first day of classes at Northern Michigan University. She was studying conservation. A Personal Protection Order was found in her purse. It was not enough to protect her from being stalked and murdered. Below is an excerpt from a poem she wrote for her nine year old daughter Rachel.


Through children's eyes we can see the simple wonders of nature about us. To just enjoy what is here for us. To take time to stop and listen to the stillness - the soft whisper of the wind and the steady beat of our own heart. To feel life coursing through us, it is then that we realize how much a part of the earth we really are.

Tara Lee - Age 40. Detroit, MI

The man with whom she lived. Anthony Thomas, age 38, shot Tara in the head. She died March 14, 1996. He tried to commit suicide by shooting himself, but recovered. He is charged with Murder I.

Ingrid Marshall - Age 29. Plymouth Township, MI

Shot to death at work, on September 22, 1997. Ernest Hall, age 44, went to the Purchasing Department of Johnson Controls, fired two shots and took Ingrid hostage while the other employees fled. Ninety minutes later the police found both of them in a cubicle, dead. The month previous, Ingrid Marshall had left the man, fearing his rage, and obtained a Personal Protection Order. On the day of their deaths, Ernest Hall dropped off his wallet and a note to a friend that said, "Take care of my baby." They had a seven-year-old daughter. Ingrid is also survived by an older child. Ingrid had recently graduated from Eastern Michigan University and had applied to be a state trooper. She hoped to go to law school or enter state government.

Nancy Muriel - Age Unknown. Lansing, MI

Died after being hit by a car on April 25, 1997. She had been struggling with Eldrick Price and was running from him when she fell into the road and was hit by a passing car. There was a history of domestic violence perpetrated by Price, which resulted in six dismissals. Price has been charged with murder.

Michele Renea Nowlin - Age 28. Tecumseh, MI

Died April 12, 1997. Michele was strangled by her husband, Jeffrey Nowlin, 26, who then committed suicide. Police said they had responded to the residence a few times in the past because of loud arguments. There was no mention of arrests being made. A friend and former co-worker of Michele's said she was afraid of her husband. "She told me he beat her all the time and wouldn't let her have friends or anything." Michele left two little boys, ages one and seven.


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Sandra Prince - Age 34. Saginaw, MI

Died September 10, 1997, from a single gunshot to the head. Her body was found by police in the living room of the home. Her husband, Marvin Prince, has been arraigned on an open charge of murder. The couple's four children, ages 17, 15, 14, and 13, were home at the time of the shooting.

Maria Adela Rubio - Age 35. Omer, MI

Shot in the head by her husband of 20 years, Maria Rubio, died July 18, 1997. She and her husband Pedro Antionio Rubio-Reyes, age 50, were migrant workers at a camp north of Standish, She is survived by two sons, ages 12 and 14.

Susan Sanderling - Age 30. Detroit, MI

Beaten to death with a steel pipe on January 19, 1996, by her husband Michael Sanderling, age 34. He is charged with Murder I.


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Marjorie Satmary - Age 58. Romulus, MI

Died March 18, 1997. Marjorie had been struck at least three times in the head with a ball-peen hammer. Police believe she was asleep on the sofa when she was attacked by her 60-year-old husband, Louis, who later tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists. Charges have not been pressed pending a psychiatric examination and further interviews.

Christie Sawyer - Age 24. Holt, MI

Died October 28, 1996. Her body was found in the back seat of her car in November, 1996. Nathan Andrews, age 37, pled guilty to second degree murder stating that she claimed to have had sex with another man right before him. He took a jump rope she was holding, wrapped it around her neck, tightened it and threw her from the couch to the floor. He then wrapped it around her neck one more time and squeezed. She passed out and died. He dressed her, put her body in the back of her car and left the car in an office complex parking lot.

Susan Thorpe - Age 38. Wayne, MI

Died February 15, 1997. Susan was killed by her estranged husband, Robert Thorpe, 36. Susan had left her husband and moved out several days before the incident. Robert found Susan at a local bar, shot and killed her, then committed suicide.

Rachel Timmerman - Age 19. Newaygo, MI

Rachel and her one-year-old daughter Shannon VerHage were last seen on July 3, 1997. On July 5, Rachel's body was found in Oxford Lake, bound with chains and cinder blocks. Her one-year-old daughter is still missing. Rachel was raped a year ago and was threatened and stalked by the perpetrator, but her family said no one would believe her. After her disappearance, the prosecutor received a letter asking that the charges be dropped. Handwriting analysis proved that Rachel did not write the letter. Police are looking for Marvin Gabrion who had blocks on his property that are quite unusual and match those tied to Rachel's body. Other evidence linking him to her has also been found. A reward has been offered for information leading to the discovery of Shannon. Rachel's mother believes the baby was sold.

Rolanda Turner - Age 28. Detroit, MI

On February, 19, 1996, she was shot in the chest and died. Her husband Leonard Turner, age 37, was charged with Murder I.

Nicole Washington - Age 26. Detroit, MI.

After an argument with Michael Anderson, on January 4, 1996, he strangled her to death and then dismembered her body. Anderson, age 28, was charged with Murder I.

Gary White - Age 48. Flint, MI

April 12, 1997, Gary white was shot to death outside a Buick Plant in Flint. He had been dating the estranged wife of robert Bigelow, age 48, who was arrested for the murder.

Gregory Williams - Age 37. Saginaw, MI.

Killed July 27, 1997, during an ambush in which his wife, Brenda Williams, age 41, and their daughter, Cassandra Barney, age 21, were wounded. Robert B. Wilbert, age 25, rammed the family's car with his car, causing it to flip over on to its top. He then went to the disabled vehicle and started firing. Wilbert was Cassandra's former boyfriend. The family had just been to the police department to file a report concerning Cassandra's abduction by Robert Wilbert earlier in the day. After running from the scene of the murder, the assailant took his own life.

Marcia Williams - Age Unknown. Southfield, MI

Died on February 21, 1997, after being stabbed at least 20 times, The man she divorced the month before, Kenneth Williams, age 35, was arraigned on two murder counts after being stopped by the police and found covered in blood. Marcia had called the police earlier stating that her former husband was following her. Her body was found in a parking lot not far from her car.

Tamara Williams - Age 20. Ann Arbor, MI

Died September 23, 1997, after being stabbed by Kevin Nelson, age 26. The couple lived together on the campus of University of Michigan. The attack began in Tamara's basement apartment. She managed to make it outside to the patio, but he followed and continued stabbing her and shouting at her. Tamara was able to run to a neighbor's home and pound on the window. 911 was called and a campus police officer arrived. He saw Nelson attacking Tamara and shouted for him to let her go. When Nelson continued the attack, the officer shot him twice. He died later in the hospital. Tamar Williams died during surgery. She was a senior at U of M and is survived by her 2-year-old daughter Kiera, who was found asleep in the apartment. Nelson had been convicted of domestic assault in 1995. At that time he received a year's probation and was ordered to stay away from Tamara. She pleaded with the court for a harsher punishment and wrote in a letter to the judge "My main concern is that every time Kevin Nelson has been in trouble, he has only received a tap on the wrist."


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Emmanuel Young - Age 14. Redford Township, MI

The son of Terri and Adray Young, he was shot in the head and found sprawled on the back seat of the car, on February 8, 1997. His mother was found dead in the front seat. Emmanuel was in critical condition at Grace Hospital in Detroit, when his father, acting as if he had been out of town, came in and ordered removal of life supports. Emmanuel died shortly after. Adray Young was a Detroit firefighter and is charged with first degree murder.

Terri Young - Age 43. Redford Township, MI

Died February 8, 1997, after being shot in the head and chest was found slumped at the wheel of her car. Her estranged husband, Adray Young had arranged for a meeting with her at a nearby park. Their son Emmanuel, accompanied her because she feared the man. Her husband of 14 years shot them both, leaving them for dead. The next day he ordered life support to be removed from his son, who then died. He is charged with first degree murder.

Woman - Name Unknown. - Age approximately 30. Detroit, MI

March 31, 1997, Easter Sunday, a woman was seen running from a man on Belle Isle. Witnesses said the couple were arguing in a parking lot and the man pulled out a 12 gauge shotgun. They struggled with the gun before shots were fired. THe woman was shot in the face and the man shot himself in the stomach. Although a woman's driver's license was found in the car the police could not identify her. No subsequent stories appeared in the Detroit newspapers to provide identification information. (Attempts by Resource Center staff to discover the woman's identity were futile.)

Woman - Name Unknown - Age 22. Detroit, MI

Shot to death August 3, 1997. Witnesses report her 57-year-old boyfriend of five years was pounding on her door repeatedly before she opened it and shots were fired. Neighbors say she had kicked the man out two months ago. A mother of two, she worked as a driver of handicapped children for the city. No subsequent stories appeared in the Detroit newspapers to provide information on her identity.


The names included in this list are those of women, men, and children who died during the period, October, 1996 into September, 1997. Also included are names that were omitted from last year's list because we were unaware of them at the time. The women, men, and children listed all died because of the determination and desperation of one individual to maintain power and control over another. We create this list to help us remember those whose lives were taken and to emphasize the need for continued efforts to stop domestic and sexual violence.


The list was compiled from information received from individual, and newspaper clippings acquired by the Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence. Annette Wheeler and Ellen Hayse wrote the synopses.


The list is not complete. Others have died for whom we have no information. (State Police records indicate the number of domestic homicides as: 74 in 1995, and 65 in 1996.)


We plan to continue updating the list and would appreciate receiving any information concerning homicides due to domestic or sexual violence. Information from newspapers is not always available or complete. It is most disturbing that two women on the list cannot even be named.

Breakdown of deaths:

* 31 Women
* 6 Men (connected in some way to a targeted woman)
* 10 Children (5 teens, 5 little ones under the age of 6)
* 47 Total Murders (10 of the assailants committed suicide)


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