A few questions

Mark Murphy (mark@opus.pass.wayne.edu)
Mon, 8 May 95 15:51:01 -0500

I'm new to the list so I don't know how common these questions are,
but here they are.....

1. According to LDAP 3.1, ISODE 8.0 is required to build the server.
How much of the ISODE needs to be installed? Do I go as far as
registering OSI application services? or do I go beyond that and
install the FTAM/FTP, VT, or QUIPU services?

2. I understand UM is utilizing MIT version of Kerberos and that
this is not compatible with Transarc's DCE version of Kerberos. Can
LDAP and ISODE live under a DCE environment?

3. Is there a vt100 client for LDAP?

I really appreciate any responses I can get, thanks.


Mark Murphy Systems Analyst Wayne State University mark@opus.pass.wayne.edu (NeXT) mmurphy@cms.cc.wayne.edu (VM/CMS)