Re: A few questions

Luis P. Caamano (
Mon, 8 May 95 17:02:43 -0400

Mark Murphy <> writes:
> 1. According to LDAP 3.1, ISODE 8.0 is required to build the server.
> How much of the ISODE needs to be installed? Do I go as far as
> registering OSI application services? or do I go beyond that and
> install the FTAM/FTP, VT, or QUIPU services?

ldapd needs libdsap, libisode and some files in etc: oidtables.*, iso*, and

However, you need to test libisode and libdsap which means you need to build

In summary, you need everything except the applications.

> 2. I understand UM is utilizing MIT version of Kerberos and that
> this is not compatible with Transarc's DCE version of Kerberos. Can
> LDAP and ISODE live under a DCE environment?
> 3. Is there a vt100 client for LDAP?

Sorry, I can help you with the other two questions.

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