Re: A few questions

Tim Howes (
Tue, 09 May 1995 11:43:03 -0400

> From: Mark Murphy <>
> To:

> 1. According to LDAP 3.1, ISODE 8.0 is required to build the server.
> How much of the ISODE needs to be installed? Do I go as far as
> registering OSI application services? or do I go beyond that and
> install the FTAM/FTP, VT, or QUIPU services?

All you really need is libdsap.a and libisode.a for isode-8.0. If
you are using the isode consortium release, you only need libisode.a.
As was already mentioned, you need some config files, but those
are built and installed when the libraries are. The testing of isode
via the isode-test script has been broken for a while.

> 2. I understand UM is utilizing MIT version of Kerberos and that
> this is not compatible with Transarc's DCE version of Kerberos. Can
> LDAP and ISODE live under a DCE environment?

We use AFS kerberos. There are two -D's, -DKERBEROS to enable kerberos
at all, and -DAFSKERBEROS to enable afs kerberos (really only required
if you compile ud, which needs the different string-to-key function -
otherwise the two kerberoses are the same). LDAP does not support the
DCE RPC interface to kerberos, but DCE kerberos supports the regular
MIT access as well as RPC, so it should work ok.

> 3. Is there a vt100 client for LDAP?

There is ud, which is a unix command-line type interface. We are
also working on something called taX.500, which is like maX.500 and
waX.500, and xax500, but uses curses. Should be a version out by
the end of the month. -- Tim