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::: About ESA-UM :::

- What is ESA-UM?

The Egyptian Student Association at the University of Michigan (ESA-UM) is a student-run organization that serves the Egyptian community of Ann Arbor, particularly Egyptian students attending the University of Michigan. ESA-UM contributes to the richness and diversity of the campus environment by organizing activities and events that revolve around Egypt and the Egyptian community. The Association was founded in 1995 by a group of Egyptian graduate students. Today, it serves as the central station for Egyptians on campus, and it's website acts as an extended link between the various generations of Egyptian students who studied at Ann Arbor.

- The Mission Statement of the Egyptian Student Association at the University of Michigan

To establish contact between Egyptians on campus and in the Ann Arbor area, and to initiate social, cultural and educational activities that relate to Egypt. Some of the Association's programs include setting up social gatherings; organizing public lectures on issues that relate to Egypt; maintaining an official website; monitoring a list of Egyptian UM students and alumni; participating in the Egyptian Student Association of North America (ESA-NA) Annual Book Campaign; as well as participating in the annual ESA-NA meeting.

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- Adminstration

ESA-UM was created in 1995 by Sherif Farghal, Ashraf Ragab, Tariq Abdelhamid, Youssry Botros, Mohamed Ibrahim, Abdel-Aziz Fahmy, and Abdel-Aziz Hanafi. Ever since, the Association has been administered by an elected executive committee consisting of the President, the Vice-President and the Treasurer. During the month of May of every year, formal elections take place according to the ESA-NA bylaws for the selection of the executive committee.

Executive Committee Members:




1995-1996 Sherif Farghal Abdel-Aziz Hanafi Mohamed Ibrahim
1996-1997 Ashraf Ragab Tariq Abdelhamid Mohamed Ibrahim
1997-1998 Youssry Botros Tariq Abdelhamid Alaa El-Rouby
1998-1999 Khaled Sallam Alaa El-Rouby Karim Oweiss
1999-2000 Mahmoud Hussein Mohamed Abdel-Moneum Karim Oweiss
2000-2001 Hatem Orban Hosam Fathy Aladdein Mattar
2001-2002 Islam Hussein Khaled Sallam Mahmoud Hussein
2002-2003 Haitham Mahmoud Nael Botros Hatem Orban

During the summer of 2000, two additional official positions were created to handle ESA-UM's two most important projects, namely the development/maintenance of ESA-UM's website, and the ESA-UM Book-Campaign project.

- Additional Official Positions:



Book-Campaign Manager
2000-2001 Mahmoud Hussein Khaled Sallam
2001-2002 Mahmoud Hussein Brenda Abdelall
2002-2003 Hashem Mourad Haitham Mahmoud