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- ESA-UM Website Development/Maintenance

This project involves constant development and maintenance of the official ESA-UM website to achieve the following purposes:
  • Present ESA-UM, and its projects and activities, to the UM community and the outside world
  • Serve as the central media in which all aspects that relate to the Association's operations are documented
  • Host the ESA-UM Members/Alumni Database, which acts as a link between the various generations of ESA members who studied in Ann Arbor
- ESA-UM Members/Alumni Database

This is a web-based database that holds the names, degrees, contact information etc. of all Egyptians currently attending the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, as well as those Egyptians who have graduated from the University. (Future Activity)

- ESA-UM Lecture Series

This is an organized series of lectures in which prominent speakers are invited to address an issue that relates to Egypt. On average, ESA-UM plans to organize one lecture per semester. (Future Activity)

- ESA-UM Diwan

The ESA-UM Diwan is a non-regular seminar/gathering event where a guest is invited to give a talk about an issue of interest to the members. A public discussion and an exchange of ideas follow the talk.

- ESA-UM Annual Book Campaign

This is an organized effort by ESA-UM to provide a significant contribution to the National Book Campaign that ESA-NA has been engaged in since 1995. The goal of this project is to collect donated books and journals from all fields, as well as PC hardware and software, to the libraries of Egyptian Universities. Each year the books and donations go to a different university in Egypt.

- ESA-UM Participation in ESA-NA General Assembly

Each year the ESA-UM president, or a representative, attends the annual ESA-NA General Assembly Convention. This usually takes place, during the month of October, in Washington DC.

- ESA-UM Social Gatherings

The members of ESA-UM regularly arrange social gatherings. The executive committee of ESA-UM officially organizes at least one gathering per semester, typically during the month of Ramadan and/or during the Eid.

- ESA-UM Newsletter

This is an official ESA-UM Newsletter that is sent out to the community at the end of each semester. The newsletter highlights the current status of the various projects/activities, and includes members' news, etc. (Future Activity)

- Other Projects

In addition to the above, other projects/activities may be carried out such as participation in other programs with ESA-NA, participation in university cultural shows etc.