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Creating a Successful Resume:
1. ORGANIZE: find the information that you want to present in your resume.
2. WRITE: begin writing your resume. Be sure to keep it simple and short.
3. REVISE: proofread your resume several times. It is also a good idea to have a friend read it. Make the appropriate revisions and shorten to one page if necessary.

Resume dos and don'ts:
DO keep your resume short and simple.
DO include a comprehensive list of your skills and abilities.
DO list previous occupations beginning with your most recent position and work backwards.
DO include a section to describe your education and training.
DO avoid unnecessary words. Instead, use action verbs such as conducted and oversaw.

DON'T include personal information or photos with your resume.
DON'T include salary requirements in your resume.
DON'T include references in your resume. These will only come into consideration during the interviewing process.

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