Graduate Student Positions Available

There are several graduate student positions available in my group in the areas of model complex synthesis (especially metalloporphyrins), high-level spectroscopy (including Magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) and Resonance Raman spectroscopy), and electronic structure calculations using density functional theory. Transition metal nitrosyls and their role in biology are central research areas in my group. These are studied using corresponding synthetic model complexes. Research projects are also available in the fields of alternative energies (hydrogenases), protein spectroscopy (NO reductases), and artificial metalloenzymes.

Projects include:
Synthesis of model complexes for bacterial nitric oxide reductase (NorBC). This includes preparation of mixed heme/non-heme model complexes and their detailed spectroscopic investigation.

Investigation of the flavodiiron NO reductase from E. coli using UV-Vis absorption, resonance Raman, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and magnetic circular dichroism (MCD) spectroscopy. This project aims at elucidating the mechanism of this enzyme by investigating the protein itself and corresponding model complexes. These results are then correlated to electronic structure calculations.

Synthesis of new electrocatalysts for the generation and utilization of hydrogen, inspired by the hydrogenases. This includes detailed electrochemical studies of the new catalysts, and potentially their immobilization on electrode surfaces.

Preparation of engineered heme proteins as new (green) catalysts for the conduction of organometallic reactions in water.

Please email me for details. I am available to discuss any of these projects in detail in relation to your research interests.

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