Contacting Us
The Officers
There are 6 officers all working hard to make sure you can have an awesome ski trip!

Arden Trickey-Glassman: She has been working hard on planning Spring Break this year and keeping the club in order.
Katie McCarthy: She does a lot of the behind the scenes the work to make sure we have mass meetings and awesome t-shirts.
Megan Leininger: She has been planning the 10th annual trip to Blue Mountain and working on the updated website.
Omar Shkier: He is planning our first ever weekend trips for first and second semester, if you have ideas about where to go let him know!
Elle Foucher: She is helping with all of the trips and with this years gift (which looks sweet!)
Dan Havlichek: He is in charge of all of our club sponsorships, as well as the treasuer for the club.

Contacting Us:
You can contact us at any time at our email and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

To make sure your email is respoded to by a specific person, please put their name in the subject line.